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Bootstrap – Changing the way websites are developed

The internet is changing at a constant speed. Today millions of people shop online, promote their business, book tickets and do a lot more. In this tech-driven era, a company which is not online, not only lags behind but is also considered outdated. The absence of a business site is a clear indication that the company doesn’t like to keep pace with the changing market trends. If you too have made this mistake, then you should get a business site as soon as possible. With the help of a website, you will not only promote your services but will also connect to potential clients & customers.


Evolution of Bootstrap

Now that you are well aware of the importance of having the business website it is time to get one. People using the internet are smarter than before. They can easily judge that site which they are visiting is designed by an amateur or by an experienced professional. To provide your users with an efficient & attractive portal you have to look out for the services of a skilled web developer.

Bootstrap is a new term in the field of web development. It is a collection of free tools which can be used for creating attractive sites & interactive web applications. Bootstrap is a combination of HTML 5 and CSS3 coding, which is commonly used for building website design templates. With the help of Bootstrap tools, the web developer can add easy to read fonts, add forms for order, subscriptions & inquiry, design buttons for easy navigation, and can develop a piece of software that can communicate with two or more PCs. The main reason behind the popularity of Bootstrap is that it streamlines the interaction between the internal tools used for web development.

Bootstrap vs. Flash

Before the development of Bootstrap, Flash was used as a source to stream different information on the website. Although Flash helped web developers in fulfilling the demand of creating attractive websites, but it was not free of drawbacks. Since flash creates templates using the timeline, the sites take lots of time to load. These flash based sites were only compatible with very few PC browsers and were not SEO friendly. Moreover, they were also not adaptable to mobiles & tablets.

Now, with the use of Bootstrap you can easily add any media to your site and can achieve similar functionality which is offered by Flash. Another strong feature of Bootstrap is the use of CSS3. When CSS3 combined with HTML 5 offers plenty of design options to the web designers and developers. You can completely change the outlook of your portal with the help of these new features. Even the managing of content, images, sidebar, and adding of videos has become simpler than ever.

CSS3 also allows you to merge more than two things to form a unit and work in coherence. With the help of Bootstrap theme design, you can add rounded corners, define the radius of a border, format multi-columns, shadow the box, controlling the opacity of an image or background and can do a lot more to enhance the look of your portal.


Opt for Bootstrap theme design

If you choose Bootstrap theme design for your portal, then you will get numerous options that will help you modify your Bootstrap package. No matter what configuration you have, you can easily add and remove several things from your design. As Bootstrap allows you to access lots of components, it will be good that you avoid the unnecessary ones that can increase your over head expenses. To prevent overhead expenses, you first have to login into the customise page and re-check all the components that you will not use anymore.


New Edition of Bootstrap framework

The Bootstrap users have moved a step ahead with the initiation of the new version. The experienced and skilled developers are trying their best to make the most out of this recent edition of the application. This new version of Bootstrap web development has fixed over 100 bugs and have also included new navigations, layouts, taglines, and style fonts. These newly added features have enhanced the durability as well as the flexibility of the design codes.


Bootstrap is the latest addition in the field of web development. With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable developer you can get yourself an interactive and efficient business website that will surely enhance your business in this dynamic cyberspace.

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