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7 Steps to Make a Successful Business Logo – Infographic


A business logo is your company’s smallest marketing element—and the most important. That’s because logos are always sending messages to the people who see them, and of course, you want that message to be good.

Think of it this way. When you introduce yourself to someone, you smile so they know you’re friendly. Frowns or silly faces make people think you’re mean or immature. The same concept applies to logos: ugly logos tell people your company is unprofessional or unhelpful.

An attractive logo isn’t enough, though. Have you ever met someone beautiful who turned out to be shallow or mean? Just like their actions didn’t match your perception of their looks, a pretty logo won’t work if it doesn’t reflect your brand’s identity.

Your brand identity is up to you, but this guide from Company Folders can help you create the perfect logo to match. Just follow these seven steps:

Step 1: Be Enticing

Before you begin, decide who your logo is for and how you want them to respond. Then you can create a logo that appeals to your target audience. (FYI, not everyone is in your audience; your products are for a specific purpose and meet specific needs.)

Step 2: Be Unique

Every industry has clichés. Look for patterns among the logos in your industry. Is everyone using certain symbols or colors? If so, take a different approach to make your company stand out.

Step 3: Be Timeless

Once you know your target audience and how to be unique, build your logo’s base with classic design elements. Instead of picking the trendiest look, study logos that stand the test of time. Including similar elements will help your logo stay in style for more than a few months.

Step 4: Be New

Your logo may be timeless, but that doesn’t mean it should be boring. Spice it up with a bold, modern twist—like an innovative symbol, bright color, or original font.

Step 5: Be Simple

Many businesses cram information into their logos until they’re unrecognizable. But the less memorable your logo, the less likely people will think of you when they need something. They’ll choose a company whose logo they remember. You can prevent this by removing unnecessary elements from your design.

Step 6: Be Consistent

Be sure to compare your logo concept to your brand identity. Consider how it’s shapes, colors, fonts, and spacing will appeal to your target audience. For example, you may not want to use purple—a traditionally “feminine” color—when marketing to men.

Step 7: Be Simple

Finally, test your logo in various situations. It will appear on your website, print materials, and promotional items, so make sure it’s readable at any size or in black and white.

Conclusion: Designing a logo requires hard work, but a good one will turn prospects into customers. With these seven steps, you’ll create the perfect business logo in no time.

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