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Case studies

We’ve assisted remarkable global startups in rebranding, redesigning, and entering the market successfully

Roomers – UX Case Studies on Finding Roommates

UX Case Studies on Finding Roommates

Roomers – UX Case Studies on Finding Roommates

UI Kit – Payment Wallet App UI Kit

Payment Wallet App UI Kit

UI Kit – Payment Wallet App UI Kit

The Sandy Shop – Restaurant Branding

The Sandy Shop – Restaurant Branding

The Sandy Shop – Restaurant Branding

Giftcart.com – Gifting Ecommerce Solution

Giftcart.com – Gifting Ecommerce Solution

Giftcart.com – Gifting Ecommerce Solution

Process we follow

We develop, test, release, and improve high-quality, sophisticated web and mobile applications

Business analysis and planning involve evaluating market dynamics and gathering requirements to devise strategic approaches that align with organizational objectives.

Web application development focuses on creating functional and user-friendly online platforms using various technologies to meet specific business needs.

Mobile app development involves creating applications for smartphones and tablets, catering to diverse platforms like iOS and Android, to deliver seamless user experiences and functionalities.

UI/UX design focuses on creating intuitive interfaces and experiences that prioritize user needs and behaviors, enhancing usability and engagement across digital platforms.

Project and delivery management involve planning, organizing, and overseeing the successful execution of tasks, ensuring timely delivery, resource allocation, risk mitigation, and effective communication to achieve project goals within specified parameters.

Testing and quality assurance ensure the reliability and functionality of software by systematically validating and verifying its performance against predefined standards.

Support and enhancement involve ongoing maintenance, bug fixes, and improvements to existing software or applications to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Technologies we use

We develop web applications using up-to-date technology stack, we keep learning and evolving