How to Improve Your Magento E-commerce Website Usability?

It is extremely vital for every E-commerce store owner to exert extra efforts to boost up sales and increase revenue. There are many E-retailers who are of the view that building a Magento store will help them gain credibility and revenue overnight. This is a totally inaccurate approach. Your Magento based website needs to survive the challenges and perils of digital market. Many times, you use all possibilities of increasing conversion into your online shop, but you fail to achieve your sales target miserably. Then, you need to take some active steps (detailed here below) to improve your Magento E-commerce website usability and secure heightened engagement value, impressive sales growth and greater ROI:

1. Easy Navigation:

The main purpose of creating an E-shop is to make customers land on your web page, spend some time, view different pages of products and services and buy the desired products easily. Many customers, who are not technically sound, find it difficult to navigate through your site’s pages and they abandon your site immediately without making any transaction. When you develop a Magento based E-shop, make sure you have an attractive landing page that let your site visitors know about your business easily. Just keep your website simple and attractive and attach a menu, links (of various products), breadcrumbs, HTML sitemap, related products links and cross Links. Just amalgamate all these properly and make your site look organized and professional. It will help you attract more and more online shoppers to your website.

2. Several payment options:


There are numerous websites that offer only one payment option to their customers. This may decrease your sales up to a great extent. As per a data, 73% customers want several payment options when they purchase online. Make use you offer multiple Magento payment method ( PayPal, Visa Card, Master Card, American Visa and so on) to your site’s visitors. It will result in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty greatly and they like to make transactions on your E-store.

3. Conduct Magento usability audit regularly:

Magento usability audit is the process of a comprehensive analysis of your store’s usability without using any automation software. It helps you to overcome problems that are affecting your store’s performance negatively and explore all possible ways to increase its usability. Generally, usability audit takes note of quantitative and qualitative data, both. When you combine, both quantitative and qualitative data, it helps you to get a comprehensive idea about user’s need, trace possible flaws and take steps to make changes in your Magento store accordingly to improve its performance.

4. Easy shopping cart:

When you have an online store with a number of products and regular visitors, then you need to set up a steady shopping cart . It will help your customers to make more transactions on your store. You can use cookies to save shopping cart information so that your customers don’t have to put the same information to place orders for products and services.

5. Display Contact Information:

All online shoppers are not technically sound and man of letters. They may face problems while placing orders on your E-store, understanding difference features of products they want to buy, etc. You need to have a live chat activated on your site. This helps customers to get necessary help while shopping through your E-store. You also need to display contact numbers and Email id on your store so that online shoppers may contact you any time and get their issues resolved( related to your products and services).

6. Social sharing buttons:


When you operate your E-store, you must not ignore the role of numerous social media channels in the rapid development of online shopping. As 93% of consumers turn to social media channels to make buying decisions and 90% of them trust product recommendations from other purchasers, avoiding social media will decrease your ability to compete online. Just make sure you have a strong presence on different social media channels. If you maintain s good follower count and an active and engaging user base, you can easily reduce your customer’s distraction and can keep them engaged on your site.

7. Provide Contents with No Grammatical Errors:


If you love the rush of social media or organic search traffic, you need to provide unique and easy to understand contents to your customers with no grammatical errors. If you send unique contents to your subscribers, they get attracted towards your site and they also love to share your contents with their friends and relatives. But, if your content contains errors, then the situation changes. Actually, Typos and grammatical errors in the content of your site kills your credibility by a considerable amount. Just get your content created and proofread by expert content writers and make sure you use articles and contents with Zero grammatical errors.

8. Display testimonials:

User created testimonials (negative and positive, both) and user rating helps you a lot to increase your site’s usability. When you display testimonials on your website, it clarifies that you are not just worried about increasing your revenue figures, but you also want your customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Just provide enough testimonials (text, video, audio) to your customers for the products they want to purchase. Always add full name, images of customers who submit feedbacks in testimonials so that they may not look genuine, not fake.

9. Mention Privacy policy & Terms of Use:

Most of the E-commerce websites lack well-thought-out and good website polices. Generally, it explains that what customers can expect from the website and how their personal information will be collected and utilized. There are many buyers who hesitate going for online shopping because of their concerns related to the security of their sensitive data. To boost the credibility of your Magento E-site, add Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Returns & Refund Policy. It will ensure your potential customers about the safety of their confidential data and they will love to visit your site time and again and make transactions frequently.

10. Mobile Responsive website:


As shopping through different mobile devices is gaining the momentum rapidly, it’s important for you to keep certain guidelines referred by Google (For making your website mobile friendly) in mind and make sure your website loads fast on all mobile devices. This helps you to acquire immense traffic from mobile shoppers and boost your site’s usability. You can also use mobile apps for your website to boost your site’s reach to a large number of online shoppers easily.


It is always difficult to have a perfect website as it requires you to act smart and use a number of tips and tricks. Just avoid common mistakes while designing your Magento E-shop, ensure regular maintenance and fixing errors quickly play a key role to increase website usability. Implementing above mentioned tips will also guarantee you the smooth operation and performance of your website.

Linda Wester describe herself as an expert web developer associated with HireMagentoGeeks Ltd., a Magento development company worldwide. She loves to explore what’s possible and share her innovative ideas with other readers on the web.

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