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Is Your Website Future Ready? Make It by Adding Micro Interactions!

You would probably be wondering what this new thing is ‘micro interactions’? ‘Micro interactions’ is the hottest new trend in UX right now!
Micro interactions have been here for quite some time, it is now they have gained traction in the web design community and are becoming naturally essential to the human aspect of design.

 Micro interaction

First, what is Micro interaction?

To simplify it, micro interactions are a brief action oriented product moments that accomplish a single task, and single task only. Couple of examples of this would be – liking an FB post, changing a setting on the website, rating a song, doing an online search etc.

How to design a micro interaction?

The purpose of adding micro interaction to websites is to add a layer of interaction that provides users with instant feedback and adds a faux response to stimulus, thus capitalizing on the human touch and need for interaction.

This trend came slowly and strongly. It has seeped into the global mainframe of web design to such an extent that without it a site looks dull and lifeless.

Designing a micro interaction that feels naturally essential to the structure of your design is a tough nut to crack. You need to isolate a problem or something that can improved by design, and then add a micro interaction as a solution. Never ever, make the mistake of forcing it; it will contradict the very purpose of it. Your micro interactions must be intuitive, entertaining and engaging.

Web design companies have mastered the art of adding micro interactions to different types of website and make them more interactive. If you too want to benefit from it, take expert assistance.

What are the benefits of Micro Interactions?

There are practically no limitations to the number of ways micro interactions can be used. It all depends on your requirement and your creativity. However, a section of people holds a different opinion and discards micro interactions as useless design elements with no significant importance. This section does not understand the key of good design – it is these small things that often make the big difference between a successful and a problematic design.

Implementing Micro interactions in your designs can benefits you significantly in more than one areas –

  1. They give instant feedback – you can better interact with your users. Record their actions and analyze them for better understanding.
  2. They can become effective navigational guides through your websites.
  3. They breathe life into your website, consequently making it more engaging and rewarding for the user.
  4. They encourage liking, commenting and sharing of your content
  5. They enable easy communication.

How to implement micro interactions into your web designs?

As simple as micro interactions are, implementing them is a complex process that requires expert assistance. web design companies have mastered this technique. Make sure to check them out for perfect implementation of web design into your website.

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