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How to Use Social Media to Effectively Market your Business

Nowadays, harnessing the power of social media is what can take your business from zero to hero. Social media marketing is paramount and can add real value to your business, not only by increasing brand awareness but in increasing ROI.

Unlike traditional marketing strategies which can be slow to prove effective, results from a well-executed social media marketing campaign can be instant, if done well.

Make sure your business is getting the best out of social media by hitting these points.

How to Use Social Media to Effectively Market your Business

Twitter is key

Don’t underestimate how crucial Twitter is for your business. When prospective customers, consumers and clients begin to take interest in you or your services, one of the first things they will do is search for your social media channels. Facebook should be the first port of call, but having a well-engaged, communicative and informative Twitter account that mirrors your business’s identity, professionalism and ethos will increase your credibility tenfold.

It’s difficult in this modern technical age to show integrity and authority without a good online footprint; if a consumer cannot find a Twitter account linked to your business, or if it’s not being used properly or often enough, they will be quick to disregard you.

If you’re not Twitter-literate, you’ll want to brush up on your understanding, pronto. Or, enlist the expertise of a professional. Make sure you keep your engagement at a high and make sure to keep following and interacting with other users and businesses in a similar niche (even your competitors).

For optimum results, you should implement a social schedule to ensure you’re posting good quality content frequently. Tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite can help with this organization.


Don’t shy away from Instagram

You may think Instagram is reserved for clean-eating, gym-going lifestyle bloggers, but you’re wrong. A well-curated Instagram page is essential for any business, whatever niche or size.

You should always strive for a great aesthetic on Instagram, so keep clear of graining, low-res pictures. If your office isn’t quite photogenic, post photos outside the office: a business trip abroad is an amazing photo opportunity, and don’t forget to detail the purpose of your trip in your caption and utilize hashtags.

Other Instagram opportunities can be as small as getting a lunch delivery to the office, getting a new sofa or having an exciting meeting, to celebrating the employee of the month or a big business achievement.

Personal pages will attract visitors and increase intrigue as well as value to your company. The key is to be creative, experimental and consistent.


Advertise on social media

While social media is great for organically enforcing brand identity and awareness, advertising on social media is the next step you should take. It is predicted that two thirds of American adults use social media, especially Facebook, so by advertising your business on social media you will reach a much broader audience.

However, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply set up a Facebook page for your business, invite you family, friends and other professionals in the industry, and then you’ll be able to influence and market them constantly.
By having a platform where you already have a large audience viewing it, you can start advertising your services with engaging posts (image and video work especially well). You will quickly find that your posts will be shared again and again, and as a result will reach an impressive scope of people worldwide.

Once you have captured a wide net of potential customers, you will have to keep them interested in you and your services. You can do this by offering rewards, offers and discounts to your Facebook friends to make them feel special and more inclined to invest in what you do. However, be careful not to overload them as you could push them away. Instead, you should share valuable, relevant content and expertise to build a trust and understanding between your business and your customers. Once users feel like you are trying to help them, post a more ad-based post.

With these best practices, your business, whether big, small or personal, will develop leaps and bounds and you will see great results.

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