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Top 10 Tips to make Fashion eCommerce Portal Successful

Competition is quite tough among the fashion eCommerce portals and the end result is frequently identified by the look, usage and mobility of your site. It can be indefinable regarding the accomplishment in the fashion eCommerce world.

None of the retailers can overlook the developing influence of the mobile that happens to be a great opportunity. As per the eMarketers’ prediction, by 2017, almost 25% of eCommerce sales will be performed from mobile appliances, and this progress will transform into billions of dollars and may be more than that. If you want to grasp more market share than your competitors, then it certainly needs a broad and unique marketing strategy. For example, some of the big eCommerce player collaborate some of the discount/coupon offering sites and boost their sales higher like – Deal NewsCouponRaja, CouponDunia, CouponMachine, Groupon and many more.

We’ve approached with top 10 tips for making the fashion eCommerce portal more successful.

1. Provide your regular customers trust

You must ensure to build trust with your current customers as well as new customers. You can make your customer retention strategy involving loyalty programs such as discounts and free gifts for frequently visiting customers. In this case instead of browsing into your competitors’ site, they will buy only from your fashion eCommerce portal for acquiring best quality products at reasonable price.

2. Offer excellent customer support

Your customer service should be 24/7 available to solve the queries of customers. If you’re making the return items complex, customers won’t hook to your portal the next time, so make sure to avoid it. With superb customer support, your customers will hook back to you more.

3. Offer customers an ideal reason to return back

You should craft and implement an email marketing campaign which provides a new promotion in your customer’s inbox every week. You should make more sales with a high ROI, and ensure that customers come back to you only.

4. Use remarkable images and convey stories too

You should hire professional fashion photographer to select or take excellent quality photos for the stock images and upload them in order to attract more number of customers. Ensure that your portal should outshine your competitors.

You can even craft unique stories while writing product description so that your customers can imagine at that very moment when they read and make up their minds to buy products from your portal.

5. Be easy to explore

Your customers should find your site at the first place only if you expect to create more sales. SEO plays a crucial part for your fashion eCommerce strategy. You should execute with your SEO consultant to ensure that your web page copy is well-optimized for every product available, along with Meta tags which provide the search engine the accurate information they require in indexing your product pages rightly.

6. Partnership with the right businesses

You should have great partnership for building up a successful fashion portal. You should get in touch with distinguished reviewers who will provide a better quote to your product quality, and establish good association with company sites that may permit you in posting guest blogs or be one of their features fashion websites.

7. Be mobile-friendly

You should hold a responsive design for your site as most of your customers are using smartphones and tablets to look for products and purchase them. So you need to make your site easy so that they can easily browse your website and start shopping your products.

8. Maintain it clean

You should always maintain your fashion eCommerce site clean. Your visitors will continue browsing your portal if they can view your products’ images and description easily, and can execute online shopping without any interruption.

9. Represent a lifestyle

As the completion online for buying the best product is growing, you need to focus on a particular niche and use your money on exhibiting your proficiency in that niche. For example, when you are focusing on selling stylish evening gowns or wedding sarees, it can be more beneficial for you as more of your niche customers will purchase it, rather than displaying vast ranges of low-priced outfits.

10. Get a right price

You should place a reasonable price on every product after proper research, and you may even offer bonus coupons so that your customers will purchase only from your portal, instead of going to your competitor’s portal.

Thus, after going through our above best tips, you can benefit yourself more from the Digital Marketing Company who can assist you in developing your fashion eCommerce portal so that it will flourish hugely, hence beating your  competitors.

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Jeremey is a content developer and loves to share eCommerce tips for the starter ecommerce developers to make their project successful. He works with Queensland Assignment as freelance content developer and cater their content development requirement.

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