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WordPress is turning into a highly popular and reliable blogging platform because of its amazing and unbeatable features. There is a huge range of elements and other factors that are responsible for making the WordPress really stunning and viable. If, you are food blogger, then also WordPress will serve you the best platform where you can avail food magazine website as well as restaurant review website. There is a wide variety of food themes as well that will aid in featuring latest food recipes and menus. Thus, this is the primary reason that people are switching from HTML websites to WordPress.

WordPress themes for food blogging websites:

There might be many people who are associated with the food profession and there are some people as well who are really passionate about cooking. So, using the below mentioned WordPress themes, they can share their latest ideas and recipes by designing a food blogging platform:

CookingPress - Recipe & Food WordPress theme

Cooking Press:

This theme is the perfect option for foodies. The recipe theme will allow you sharing all the recipes as well as cooking tips with a huge number of audiences. Google Recipe View support is provided along with the amazing recipe themes. This clearly means that you blog will be understood by the people as well as by the various search engines.




This bequeaths the combination of three different colors that will highlight the content and will display it in a very beautiful style. The user of this theme will be able to acquire a very clean and fresh looking home page that will increase the traffic of the web page at the very high rate. It is also noteworthy that this is mobile responsive themes that will additionally has a third tailored menu that has been designed specifically for the users.




Foodie is a premium blogging theme sponsored by MintThemes and has been designed for cooking and food blogs. This is perfectly ideal for all the chefs, enthusiasts, food critics and those who want to share their creations. This theme has a huge post images as well as video embeds using which one can easily share and display the stunning pictures and videos. The theme is also having a custom recipe as well as ingredients builder where one can enter all the ingredients and the amount as well to create an amazing recipe list. Thus, due to so many leverages, people prefer switching from HTML to WordPress Theme.


Ingredients - A Fresh Recipe WordPress Theme


A very fresh looking theme for Worpress that has been designed for those people especially who want to share their delicious recipes with friends and other on the web. A user can choose a huge range of colors on order to employ all the colored elements including buttons and links using the color wheel within the custom theme option dashboard.


Food Recipes WordPress theme

Food Recipes:

This is a featured rich as well as beautifully designed WordPress theme for all the recipes websites. The theme is really perfect for the professional Chefs as well as Cooking experts. The theme will also make an ease to showcase their cooking skills using video support.

The above mentioned themes are designed only for food blogs. There are many more WordPress themes that are available for other purposes. So, you can explore the internet to download the theme that can meet your personal or professional requirement.

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