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Design Standards to Follow When Designing Print Brochures and Booklets

Print brochures and booklets are crucial to all of your advertising efforts. If you want to promote your business and get more customers then you need to be using print brochures and booklets. Some people may argue that this is an obsolete form of marketing; however, when used correctly, they are still a powerful form of advertising.

So what exactly are print brochures and booklets? Quite simply, they are small books and brochures that are used to advertise your business. If you have no idea about producing print brochures or booklets then it may all seem confusing to you. There are many professional businesses out there that you can help you utilize this powerful form of promotion and advertising.

Now you may be curious about print brochures and booklets for advertising and be wondering where to start. The good news is that there are a number of design standards that you can follow in order to produce high quality print brochures and booklets. Here are some of the best tips and advice that you can apply immediately for any design of print brochures and booklets.

First step in designing winning print brochures and booklets is to know what your goal is. What do you want to achieve from your designs? Knowing what you want to achieve is a crucial first step because it will shape how the rest of the design process flows for you. Ultimately, you want to convey information about your business, grow your customer base, and make more money.

  1. Typography Typography is one of the most important elements. Think about the size of the font you want to be using. There are the colours of the font you need to consider, the amount of whitespace, kerning, etc. All of these typography elements play a crucial role in creating a powerful visual for your print ads.
  2. Bullet points and imagesBullet points are a great way to list the most important pieces of information, and they are easy to read as well. Images are also great because they are a powerful medium of communication. They allow you to communicate the information you want powerfully.
  3. Size, length, and dimensions of brochures and booklets – These are all important to consider. When thinking about all of these elements think about what you are trying to achieve with the design of your brochures and booklets. Think about the kind of colours you are going for. What layout will be best for your brochures and booklets? Are you going for a minimalist design? All of these design elements play a crucial role in designing a great print campaign.
  4. PrintingPrinting is the final and most important piece of the puzzle. There are three types of printing you can use; litho printing, offset printing, and digital printing. In this process everything that you’ve designed earlier all comes together so you are left with a beautiful looking brochure or booklet.

Following these steps is a good starting point for creating great print brochures and booklets.

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Jonny Rowntree is a freelance writer working with worldwide printing partner, Elanders UK based in the North of England. Jonny has written for other blogs such as The Next Web, Creative Blog and Buffer in the past.

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