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A way to simplify a web design process for amazing results in no time

Nowadays, web design is an efficient tool for website builders to convey a message and direct users to certain areas effectively. It is significant to create an attractive design so that your clients can find what they need, spending no more than a few minutes. We have prepared for you a list of solutions that were recommended by trusted sources. Following the rules, you make a website look great and reduce navigation confusion.

Simplicity Rules

1. Keep your focus on the essential elements

The first step of our plan explains that you need to identify the most important pages and focus on them. We have analyzed dozens of websites, and half of them fail to achieve this because it was difficult to find information in a big mess of data and unimportant elements which were filling on the pages. 

If it is difficult for you to define what needs to be a focus, use the 80/20 rule, where 20% stands for what’s on a page may be presented and demonstrated, and 80% for the value of the content that people go for. Let’s say pay special attention to review snippets, testimonials, signup forms, and various call-to-action buttons. 20% of the performed site elements should deliver 80% of usefulness for a client. 

This first principle can help you to simplify a web design and to get amazing results. 

2. Delete all unnecessary elements

After you decide what type of information may be demonstrated on the website, it is time to eliminate all unnecessary elements. Delete unnecessary social media sharing widgets, sidebar elements, blog post-meta-details, or any other unnecessary links. 

3. Reduce the total numbers of pages

Getting rid of unnecessary pages will give your clients more chances to find necessary information. Otherwise, you have many risks to lose a potential client. Delete the pages that deep down inside a website and you know that they are not necessary. 

Tips! Think about the main aim of your website. What are the key things you would like to do? 

After you reduce unnecessary pages on your website, it would be easier for visitors to focus on the content because fewer places are to click around. As a result, your navigation menu will be simpler too.

4. Get more content above the fold

Web builders inform that people spend time above the fold of sites. So, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your website, we recommend placing the most significant content as well as call-to-action elements above the fold. 

Check a sign-up form; it may be upon the page so that the visitors can see it. 

5. Limit your color scheme

Analyzing websites, we noticed that there are many sites with a variety of colors. Such a variety of colors can be confusing and inappropriate. Limit your color scheme, and it would significantly simplify the website design visually. Study the web design trends and choose 2-3 colors to begin; use shades of the chosen color for the backgrounds and darker color for header and menu items. 

However, avoid color blindness because it would be worse than a colorful design. Your client cannot find anything and choose another website. Your main purpose is to create a website where the colors will not distract the eyes.

6. Relevant Imagery 

Custom photography is the best option, but sometimes the budget allows only stock photography. Choosing stock photos, be attentive, and find only relevant images to your website and message. We recommend to choose more conceptual images and follow some simple recommendations:

  • Using images, do not think about just one page – remember the whole website;
  • Use images with a consistent style; 
  • Include the corresponding color scheme;
  • Use gaze focusing; you need to find an image with a visual cue to attract attention;
  • Use infographics instead of too many words, it will be easier for readers to understand and remember information;
  • Make your images interactive so that the users can zoom, rotate them and change colors.

We present some simple recommendations for your attention that you can follow right now to increase the conversion of your website and simplify a web design.

Common Web Design Mistakes

  • Your visitors may want to search for some information that they can not find fast, so do not forget to place a search box.
  • Unorganized content is another popular mistake. Check the structure of the content, scan your presented information and leave only the most interesting on a web page. Do not neglect headings, sub-headings, bullets, paragraphs, and keywords. The information and design should be clear, accurate, and accessible.
  • Inconsistent Interface Design. Some web designers create different designs for every web page within a website, it is unacceptable, and it confuses a user a lot. We recommend you use a standards template for every page with the corresponding links to the sections. 
  • Unfriendly Screen. It is hard for visitors and sometimes even impossible to look through a website when the screen does not have an appropriate size. Check the most popular browsers, monitor the resolution they are using, and develop your website so that your visitors do not have problems with website optimization.


There are tons of websites on the Internet, some of them are attractive and efficient, but others are not. In the article, we have discussed the easiest tips to simplify a web design process and to get amazing results in no time. 

Let’s recap the issues to simplify a web site design:

  1. Choose the essential elements and reduce unnecessary information, images and widgets;
  2. Reduce the number of pages;
  3. Place more content above the fold;
  4. Choose 2-3 basic color, use shades and dark tones of the base color;
  5. Find relevant images or do custom photography.

Building a website can be daunting, but the real challenge is to make it attractive, user-friendly, informative, and usable. While creating it, you need to remember that it is made to solve the users’ needs, to make them love your brand, and keep them coming back.

By Creative Alive Staff

is here to write about latest trendy web designing and development tips and techniques which are used to produce a good brand or product in market. We are energetic and having zeal knowledge of simple tutorials, time-saving methods. Hope we will help you to make web better and alive enough. Lets spread some creativity out there... Cheers!!!

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