How to Increase Conversion Rate Through Website Design

In today’s digital age, everyone is expected to have a website. Being able to find instant information about a company is a must for the majority of consumers. However, just having a website isn’t necessarily enough anymore. You have to have a website that functions well.

responsive-web-designNearly everyone, from business owners, to consumers, to web developers and everyone with access to a computer in between, has had experience with a frustrating or disfunctional website. Nothing is more obnoxious than trying to answer a simple question and getting lost in a sea of broken links, disorganized pages, ill-fitted aspect ratios and outdated design.

Why Worry About Web Design?

For business owners, having a webpage design that’s responsive to your consumers’ needs and desires will not only make you look better as an organization, but perform better too. The fact of the matter is that responsive web design leads to higher conversion rates – meaning more visitors on your webpage will turn into your customers.

It’s more than just a matter of aesthetics; the right web design can mean more page views, better customer reviews, more time spent on your site and many more impressive mectrics that all boil down to one thing: more financial success for your business.

While responsive web design can bring a lot to the table for your organization, it’s not just an option for improvement. Not having responsive design can actually penalize your business. Google and other search engines don’t sort pages with non-responsive designs as highly on search results when compared to sites that do have responsive designs. So, if your competitor invested the time and funds into creating a responsively designed site and you didn’t, that could mean a potential customer could be directed to the competitor’s page before yours.

How Do You Maintain Responsive Web Design?

Arguably, the single most important factor to having a good, responsive website design is the ability for your website to switch from desktop view to mobile view on a dime. In today’s world, more and more web traffic is coming from tablets and mobile phones. If your site is accessible to those on the go, you have the potential to convert even more visitors to believers in your brand.

The right web designer will know how to accomplish this task, but if you are attempting to build a website yourself using an online content management system like Wix, WordPress or Squarespace, there are many templates that come with mobile versions. No matter who is creating your site, always be conscious of what it looks like on multiple screens.

Worried about being able to accomplish the task of maintaining the right web flow? The answer is simple.

Work with the Right Team

It’s okay if you’re not an expert in web design. If you’re not, the smartest move is to hire a responsive web design company or individual. These organizations or individuals should be trained and experienced in creating websites that work for the modern day, and the best will have exmaples of past projects to back up their history.

Make time to sit down with the designer that you hire and discuss your goals for your site. Be sure to mention that you’re interested in responsive web design, or design that works across desktop, tablet and mobile phone screens equally as well. You can also ask for specific aesthetics to match your branding or certain layouts. If you’re not sure what you want, have no fear. Don’t be afraid to ask for their suggestions or ideas; they’re the web experts, after all.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re still stuck with the website you made for your business ten, or even five, years ago, it’s time for an upgrade. The world is changing rapidly, and more people are going to be looking for your organization on their tablet, mobile phone or other portable device. Make sure your website works for all of its visitors with responsive design.

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