5 Must Have Magento Extensions For Successful E-Commerce Stores

Any idea what remains the most indispensable tool for developing a successful e-commerce store that can sell all kinds of interesting products to customers online? Well, the most important thing that is required for developing a highly functional e-commerce store is a powerful and effective e-commerce platform like Magento, which makes it easier for you to run your website and eventually the business.

Written in PHP, Magento has a wide range of extensions, which help you in enhancing the functionality of this open-source e-commerce platform and allow users to revamp site management, improve customer experience and implement unique marketing strategies.

And considering the fact that there are enough of Magento extensions available to you in the market, it certainly becomes an arduous task to choose some of the best options for streamlining your e-commerce store. Whenever you talk about Magento extensions, the debate quickly heats up as each person starts putting forward his/her views about the extension of his/her choice.

If you are looking forward to using some of the best Magento extensions in order to enhance the productivity of your store, please check the list below.

1. Price Slider Daffodil

It is quite common that when a Magento store sells a wide range of products, customers find it extremely difficult to get a specific product from it and that’s because several products are reflected once they search for it. And what actually pisses them off is that most of the products shown in their search results are beyond their budget. In short, customers find it really hard to get a product that comes within their budget when they go for online shopping, hence, most of the time they end up canceling their shopping plan.

However, if you want to eliminate that sort of problem from your e-commerce store, you can easily do that by installing a Magento extension called Price Slider Daffodil. It allows the customers to filter the products according to their prices, thus, it helps in enhancing their online shopping experience.

2. Fontis SecurePay

Whenever customers go for online shopping, the thing that bothers them the most is the security of their transactions. That means people won’t go for online shopping until and unless they are confident that the transactions made by them are fully secure. That means if you are running an e-commerce store, it becomes your responsibility to allow your customers to make secure transactions and that can be done easily if you use a Magento extension called Fontis SecurePay.

Yes, it is one of the best extensions which allows customers to make the payments in a highly secure manner through SecureXML gateway.

3. ShipWorks

If you have enough technical support and money to invest you can definitely end up establishing an e-commerce store, however, when it comes to shipping the products to the customers it is certainly not that simple as it sounds. Shipping the products ordered by the customers from your e-commerce store at the right time with minimum damage requires a lot of effort. However, in order to simplify the shipping process, it is better to use Shipworks a Magento extension that helps in updating the customers by sending emails and label creation etc.

4. Magic Zoom

It is quite obvious that when customers opt for online shopping, they definitely want to have complete information about the product they are thinking of buying. Magic Zoom remains a great Magento extension which helps customers to get comprehensive details about any product that they want to purchase. The best part of using this particular Magento extension is that it works properly on all sort of devices such as tablets and smartphones.

5. Product Inquiry

Though it is true that an e-commerce website offers all the necessary information to customers about its products, but sometimes they may have some sort of additional questions about the products for which they seek an answer from store authorities. Product Inquiry is a kind of Magento extension that helps the customers to clarify their doubts about the products they are planning to purchase by sending an inquiry to the owners.

If you use all the Magento extensions described in this post, you can definitely enhance the efficiency of your e-commerce store.

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