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20+ Cooltastic Brochure Designs for Inspiration

Brochure is one of the core parts of marketing or branding and no matter how many dynamic tactics new medial may unveil, none can dominate it. Period! Basically, brochure is a lead-nurturing gizmo that allows you to put across your brand’s information in the most appealing manner possible.

However, not many businesses are able to pull off this feat efficiently and, thus, end up losing not only their invested money but potential leads as well. To make the most out of brochure marketing, it is essential that one shall understand its purpose and significance. The main idea of using a brochure for branding is to hook the readers (prospects) and tell them what they want to know about the products and services and, ultimately, prompt them to try or consider your product.

That being said, the vital question arises how do you hook the readers? Well, it’s quite simple: brochure design. Since brochure bolsters the credibility of a business, it is vital that it shall be present in a neat and stunning manner. Generally, there are four key elements you need to bear in mind as they can make or break the efficacy of a corporate brochure:

  • Astounding Cover
  • Alluring Aesthetics
  • Inspiring Content
  • Effective Call-to-Action

To give a powerful boost to your Right Brain and help your creative neurons gush smoothly, check out these highly inspirational brochure design examples.


TWHP 2010 Epic Awards

twhp-epic-awards2 twhp-epic-awards1


Quem sou eu? Who Am I?

Quem-sou-eu2 Quem-sou-eu-1


Lagun Artea



Avorio Media Identity

Avorio-Media-Identity1 Avorio-Media-Identity2





Spencer’s Crossing

Spencer's-Crossing1 Spencer's-Crossing2



metropark2 metropark1


A Le Carte Restaurant

A-Le-Carte-Restaurant2 A-Le-Carte-Restaurant1






Keenpac1 Keenpac2


Hindenburg brochure

Hindenburg-brochure1 Hindenburg-brochure2


Driven Marketing

Driven-Marketing1 Driven-Marketing2


Vespa Brochure

Vespa-Brochure1 Vespa-Brochure2



Block8001 Block8002


La Halle (Brochure)

La-Halle1 La-Halle2



IamExpat1 IamExpat2


CPD Brochure 2013

CPD-Brochure1 CPD-Brochure2



Dua1 Dua2


Dream of mind

Dream-of-mind1 Dream-of-mind2


Minimal Eyes

Minimal-Eyes2 Minimal-Eyes1


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