11 Reasons Why PHP Laravel Framework Is The Best In 2019

Laravel’s magic helps in weaving a web application in a smoother and faster way. This article may make you rethink on your framework choices. It’s pretty sure, many of you will stick to Laravel after reassessing.  

While choosing a framework for PHP development, it is very much necessary for you to know, what you are using and why you are using?

Laravel is an open source framework which is simple yet comprehensive. It allows to spin up an application and get going in minutes.

It is a treasure trove of useful and out of the box tools. The console commands help in every aspect of coding be it a generation of classes, scaffolding for authentication and many more.

Laravel platform stands out from the others in terms of keeping user engagement and efficacy intact. Laravel became so successful that it overcomes Ruby on Rails popularity on Github.

The Artisan command facility helps in rapid development and optimization. And if you are a novice to the framework, it comes with excellent documentation that gives step by step procedure.

Let’s deep dive to find out that popularity is not hype but worth the importance:

Inbuilt Authorization and Authentication system:

This feature restricts unauthorized users from any claimed access. This built-in feature identifies the authorized users and permits only them to have the desired access to the secured resources. Everything is very much configured and organized to define authorization logic and control access.

Eloquent ORM:

It’s an ORM that is shipped with default installation in Laravel. This neat feature allows interacting with the database objects and database relationships using an expressive syntax.

An Easy Mail System Integration:

It is imperative nowadays to notify users regarding any segment of activity being performed by them. Laravel comes with a SwiftMailer library that provides clean, simple API configuration for emails.

The drivers for Amazon SES, SparkPost, Mailgun are also provided that allows an application to send emails by local or cloud-based services.

An added benefit, it also facilitates to send emails and notifications across multiple delivery channels that include SMS and slacks.

Cached Memory Integration:

It improves the performance of the application. It is a portion of the memory of high-speed static RAM instead of slower Dynamic RAM.

Back-end support is provided for Cache back-end integration which improves the performance ratio of the web application. The cached files are stored in the inbuilt drivers and more cache configuration is also possible with necessary commands and syntax lines.

Easy Exceptional and Configuration Handling:

It is observed that people no more favor error pop ups while browsing on a web application. Exceptional handling plays an important role in user satisfaction.  The user has to be instantly notified of the error to save time. The error handling needs to be well furnished to retain the application users.

Laravel comes with exception and error configuration already. The Monolog logging library is of great support for log handler. It can handle multiple logs simultaneously.

Automated Testing:

Laravel itself provides unit testing for the application. It detects and prevents regression in the framework.

Artisan command-line utility allows you to run the unit test. The applications that are auto tested performs really well without bugs and crashes.

It provides an easy way to track the behavior and interaction of the user on the application.

Segregate business logic code and presentation code:

A UI/UX designer can easily change the web page layout without any interaction with developers with the segregation of code facility.

As Laravel adopts the MVC model, the separation of logic and expression syntax has already been done making the work easier.

URL routing made hassle-free:

A blank URL will leave a bad impact on the user. URL routing should be done in such a way that even a single click or typing the link displays the desired content.

Laravel facilitates the inbuilt file configuration that defines in the app/Http/routes.php file. This facilitates the automatic and easy loading of the web application.

Task Scheduling:

A scheduler is introduced in Laravel that allows management of the whole process of developing, maintaining and scheduling based on the time and resource. It allows programmatic scheduling of periodically executed tasks.

Only single CRON entry is needed on the server to execute the task. You can explore other functionalities by hirng a PHP developer.

Application Security:

Security of database is of prime concern for any website or web portal. With Laraval, the application is way beyond secure. Do you know the reason Why? Because it utilizes PDO which counteracts SQL injection.

It also prevents cross-site request forgery. The HTML entities prevent cross-site scripting and secure the application in a better way.

Access to Object-Oriented Libraries:

Laravel supports object-oriented libraries. This is an added advantage along with the pre-introduced libraries mentioned below:

  • CSRF operations
  • Protection
  • Encryption
  • Bcrypt hosting
  • Password reset

Summing up:

The features are embracing the framework itself that has made Laravel stand class-apart from the other PHP web development frameworks.  The Laravel community is increasing because this framework is able to develop creative logic and deploy it faster.

Laravel has already set a benchmark and provides a scalable and intuitive solution to your business needs.

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