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PDF Cheat Sheet for Material icons by Google

PDF Cheat Sheet for Material icons by Google

When you need a cheat sheet? We mean, is always you need a cheat sheet to make your path easy and fast? Now we say no not exactly everywhere you need a cheat sheet but when you need something much handy there you go with a cheat sheet saved on your desktop to quickly access it. For example we creative designer are using bootstrap framework to build website responsive and useful, to make that faster and easier we build a Master cheat sheet for Twitter Bootstrap 3 in PDF format.

Now again we felt we need a Cheat Sheet for Material icons by Google to make it handy, as instructed by Google to insert a icon we need to write a its code in a html tag with class “material-icons”.


<i class="material-icons">delete_forever</i>

PDF Download

Below is the screenshot of Material icons cheat sheet click on image to download PDF

Material icons


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