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Determining the Value of Email in Marketing

We’ve heard so many things about the connection between email and marketing that one may well be easily inclined to believe nothing we are about to hear will be able to surprise anyone anymore. There lies the biggest misconception, as email marketing campaigns seem to be capable of providing a bottomless source of ROI. They’re still the most affordable advertising strategy on top of having the highest visibility.

Statistics get more stunning by the day, if indeed not by the minute, showing that despite the threats of the big bad dangerous internet, email constantly overperforms. More people use email services for an increasing number of functions every day, literally, and nobody seems to be getting anxious about email marketing campaigns.

As good as the news is, there is still a thing or two to keep in mind when planning your business’ email marketing campaign. Firstly, not all messages are welcome. Secondly, too many messages will end in rising unsubscription rates. There is a time and place for everything, and nowhere does it hold as true as when it comes to the subtlety of people’s inboxes.

One could stop to marvel at electronic messages having become the most reliable way to keep in touch with people from across the globe. Whether it be family members or acquaintances or business partners, they are always just one click away. Business people are known for suffering from busy schedule inflictions and are certain to shun unnecessary messages overpopulating their inbox.

Other examples inspiring spam flagging come to mind, but we need not expand. Suffice to distinguish between the types of email that will help your business boost ROI and the unwanted messages.

Marketing Messages that Are Always Welcome

Psychology is at the base of every marketing effort, if indeed not in any attempt at human communication. Sensitive creatures that humans are, they are unlikely to waste more time than necessary on tasks that offer nothing in return. Therefore, it is crucial to always send emails that state their intent clearly in the subject line, present a desired offer in as little words as possible, and feature a call to action at the bottom. Oh, and there should be an unsubscription button. The lack of one is the fastest way to promoting your precious offer to just another spam attempt. The types of emails all customers are looking forward to include welcome and order status messages. The types of emails that will triple your ROI and not end up being cast away are shopping cart reminders, shopping-cart abandonment emails and reorder emails.

1.      Welcome Emails

Everyone likes feeling special. This holds as true in case of marketing as it does in real-life situations. Make your customers feel special by sending them a personalized welcome email when they subscribe. Thank you messages serve the same purpose, and can be used on more occasions, too. I.e., sending a thank you message to customers finishing orders is nice manners. Sending a thank you message after any action that can trigger further response is being clever. Albeit this sounds like common sense, you’d be surprised to learn how many businesses fail at this initial step.

2.      Order Status Emails

There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for an order to arrive. It holds as true for your customers as it does for you. Not to mention that home deliveries need to find someone at home; otherwise, the doom of obtaining them afterwards can turn into a frustrating experience. Businesses not providing order tracking are less likely to be chosen over others that do, regardless of other incentives. Buyers need a guarantee that their order will arrive, and the faster the better. Common type of emails everyone will welcome are receipts, order confirmations, shipment confirmation, shipment tracking and delivery confirmation.

3.      Shopping Cart Reminders and Abandonment Emails

We can think of multiple reasons why someone would abandon shopping midway… especially online shopping. Without introducing complicated figures, let us just say that multitasking and lunch breaks can render unexpected delays, and who will later remember that they attempted to buy some random item? That’s where shopping cart reminders come into the game. They increase the chance of a successful purchase many times over and also serve to remind the customer about the future offer. “Many times over” translates into up to $17.90 per email sent. Again, not many businesses make use of this type of messages, all to their woe.

4.      Reorder Emails

Reorder emails may render surprising results, especially if your business deals with consumer goods. Other departments may also make use of it, especially if you send order status emails. The latter are certain to keep customers happy, so why wouldn’t they order from you again, rather than searching for another convenient business? There’s absolutely no reason why they wouldn’t.

Other Useful Tips

Another type of email that can keep your customer base ever increasing is sales announcements. Everyone loves sales, especially if they’re realistic. Make sure to send such messages in a timely manner, though. If possible, also establish annual sales, so that returning customers always know when to expect huge savings.

Finally, newsletters have a myriad of uses, not least because they are expected and provide only useful information. Some businesses send them quarterly, others bi-monthly or monthly. Work out your strategy as to best suit your needs, and you will never fail to attract new customers.

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