All about Bootstrap 4.1.1 you should know!

There are a few things which can make your web development process a little more simpler and impactful. One of those few things is a robust front-end framework called Bootstrap which makes designing and developing a website, an absolutely hassle-free task. Moreover, dynamic and mobile-friendly websites are created in a flash of time. Therefore, hiring a professional company to convert PSD to Bootstrap is a great idea to get a highly dynamic website for your business.

Bootstrap: The future of the website development!

 Using Bootstrap from the start saves a ton of time as well as the web developers and web designers can create stunningly designed websites on the go. The front-end developers have always loved this framework because it tends to save a lot of time in the web development process, thus leaving them spare time for other projects.

We have listed out a few pointers that makes web developers and designers love Bootstrap to the bottom of their heart:

  1. Minimal efforts needed to design using Bootstrap.
  2. Easy-to-use and hassle-free front-end framework.
  3. Builds “mobile first” websites which are highly responsive.
  4. Saves a ton of time when a developer uses it.
  5. Plethora of features to make use of.
  6. High quality output- CSS media queries and HTML.
  7. Single code base to lend high level of scalability.

We already saw abundant of features in Bootstrap 3 such as tooltips, galleries, buttons, dropdown menus and more. As the stable Bootstrap v4.1.1  hit the shelves some eighteen days ago, we thought to give you a detailed outline on the new features of Bootstrap that you will be able to make use of, from now on!

What’s up and new in Bootstrap v4.1.1?

Before we go ahead, let’s thank the countless bug fixes, improvements and documentation changes that Bootstrap continuously evolved over years up till v4.1.1.

As the beta version has been in use from so much time, we would like to mention the major changes that has happened over the beta version 4.

Let’s dive in straight away:

  • Aptly Sized Pages: We see the improvements in the size of the pages for better printing and this is done by updating the print styles and utility classes. New display values have also been added.
  • Easily add Borders: To let the front-end designers add borders/ subset to the components more easily, they can now make use of the Additive border utilities with a default (solid 1px light gray border). Isn’t that much time-saving?
  • Theme Customization: A new approach has been followed in this version as compared to Bootstrap v3. Sass variables, maps and custom CSS are now the dominating factors to customize any theme. Dedicated theme stylesheet has been eliminated totally!

Apart from the above major changes, there are a few nugatory changes also.


Changes in the Examples: Easy to Understand!

  • Many designers have been agog about this! The Bootstrap team has made changes in the Album example. More space has been given to add content in the photo cards, mobile rendering is also enhanced.
  • Pricing table is probably the most looked upon feature that the designers want to get more sorted out. Seems like Bootstrap has finally made it perfect. It’s responsive and easily extendable!
  • Now the Bootstrap users can choose from the options for the Checkout form layout, grid and validation styles etc. There’s something for everyone and this is exclusive! Not to forget the separate validation states.

Apart from the above changes, we see the overhauls on Blog templates that look more cleaner and magazine-styled now. Product pages will look more dapper.

There’s much more to explore when the designer sits to work. Believe me! Let me know what you liked the most?


Author Bio: Sarah is an expert web developer who works at Designs2html Ltd– a leading software development firm catering to the software needs of the clients around the globe. She is a master of PSD to Bootstrap, PSD to Magento and PSD to HTML skills and leads a productive team at the workplace.

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