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Apps that Drive E-business to Success

The escalating trend of the online shopping has accelerated the growth of ecommerce. Many online businesses are competing hard with each to be on the fore font of the market and generate highest revenues. Numerous applications are flooded in the market to help the online businesses to flourish. However, selecting the best one is still a question of concern.

Here are the few best applications for ecommerce businesses that are going to keep the owners ahead of their competitor and close to their users.


The e-business has helped the owners to sell out their products through various channels. The importance of shipping the products on time and synchronized inventories are the top most priorities of the owners. Ordoro application is best for the e-commerce dealers as it is cost effective, and helps not only to keep a track on the shipments but also reduces the time of deliveries to the customers. It automatically updates the inventories by keeping the record of all the numbers of items sold from direct and indirect channels.


To keep eyes on the vast operations of the huge ecommerce business is not an easy task. Asana is an e-commerce based application that offers a complete hold over the various projects running and the teams working on them. The owners can easily keep a track on the job assigned to the persons and communicate the tasks to entire team or individuals at once. It also helps in maintaining the history of tasks and conversations; so that the owners are aware of the tasks the particular person has been assigned.  The fantastic user interface of Asana application makes it worth trying.


Credit cards have facilitated everyone to pay the money instantly for any product or service they wish to buy. However, a card reader is required to perform an electronic transaction. At business conferences or expos most of the deals are abandoned due to lack of applications that facilitates the instant payments. Now, the ecommerce owners can simply download and install the Square application into their smart phones or tablets to read the credit cards and perform instant and smooth payments from anywhere.

Add Shoppers

Social media and networking have endless users, and sharing the products and services on such platforms is the best way to keep the users informed and generate revenue. However, to track how many times the products or services have been actually shared is big deal. The AddShoppers application easily overcomes the problem of tracking the counts, and displays the snippets of the numbers of visitors sharing the business website on all the major social sites such as Facebook, Pinrest, Twitter, etc.  The insight reports of social analysis and ROI analysis facilitates the ecommerce owners to enhance their products and services, and allows the users to easily share along the various social platforms.

Help Scout

E-businesses involve endless queries from customers and replying them with the personal touch often seems an impossible job to do. Employees sharing the same inbox often lose the track of the tickets, resulting in unanswered queries. Help Scout application manages the inbox, and the queries in the most systematic way so that the employees or the business owners never miss any queries. Above all, the best feature of it is that each reply is in form of an email that is personalized rather than the same old email with ticket number. Further, this application maintains the feedback of the customers, and generates resourceful reports.


Most of the people have tendency to visit the business sites and look for the products and, then they leave the site without any purchase. The reason can be numerous such as they got distracted by other sites or switched to other window to check their emails and forgot to return back. AdRoll applications make the clever move of attracting the customer back to the store by displaying the ads of the products, user has browsed before. AdRolls immense capability of re-targeting the product has generated high ROI for e-commerce businesses. It’s easy implantation and cost effective prices have made it one of the best ecommerce application.


Email marketing has been the best practice of all time and, to support the ecommerce owners with such practice, Mail Chimp is the answer. Mail chimp also assists in sending e-mail newsletters, maintaining subscription lists and monitoring the campaign performances. It can easily integrate on any system and, synchronizes the email lists with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Mail Chimp offers the effortless way to compete with the e-commerce competitors.


Olark application is created to provide the hassle free live chat support to the customers visiting the websites for the products or services. The engaging live chats while customer browses thorough the products, offers the real time and top tier customer support. The instant solutions on chat tend to convert most of the visitors into buyers. It further tracks the locations of the customers to generate leads to target specific types of shoppers.

The above are the few best applications for ecommerce businesses. However, a user can opt for other applications from the market too, as per the requirement of the e-businesses.

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